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Mayim is a game where you design and build your own boat from blocks, based on a sophisticated liquid physics engine.

Start with a small raft, explore an infinite world, gather resources, and gradually expand your vessel until it becomes a giant ship equipped with engines, supplies, and weapons.

Freely design anything you want, and it will behave according to the Archimedes’ principle, the law of communicating vessels, and Newton’s laws of motion.

The game includes a survival mode, where you need to gather resources and make sure you have enough food and fresh water, and a practice mode for freely messing about in boats.


About the Title

Mayim is Hebrew for water. The word is related to both the sound and the shape of the latin letter M. In Proto-Sinaitc script, dated more than 3500 years ago, there was a letter shaped like a wave (borrowed from an Egyptian hieroglyph), and named after an ancient word for water, Maym. This letter is the ancestor of latin M, as well as corresponding letters in Hebrew, Arabic, and many other modern alphabets.

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